Social Media Governance & Security

Social Media has become a global battleground. According to Cisco’s annual report 2016, the majority of web-based attacks happen on Social Media. Every company faces a set of risks on social; risks that are fueled by the global reach of Social Media may create controversy, cause brand and operational damage to the brand.

At Portal Grup, we are partnered with the best social media security platforms in the world. Coupled with the know-how and experience of our social media specialists, we analyze dynamic social media data, protect our clients against security and business threats. We have proven track record regarding handling crisis situations, eliminating fraud/scams and impersonating accounts along with protecting corporate accounts from compromise.

Brand Impersonations

Fraudulent account decrease trust on social media. They can perpetrate scams and ultimately cause heavy brand damage.

We can id and take down social accounts impersonating your brand. We can also id and take down domain registrations imitating your legitimate URLs.

Piracy & Counterfeit

Fake and stolen content distributed at the scale of social media can seriously harm an organization

Thanks to our task-specific tools, we can automatically identify proprietary content circulationg on social media.

Account Compromise

Corporate social media accounts should be trustworthy sources of information. However, the only security protecting them are simple passwords.

By monitoring the account, we can alert you to any suspicious behavior or indicators of compromise.

Customer Fraud And Scams

Your brand reputation and customers are exposed to exploitation that may comprise of financial fraud, billing scams or fake offers .

We can identify fraud and scams, mitigate the costs around remediation, customer support and lost business.

Cyber Attacks

Enemies usually declare their intentions on the internet.

We can monitor socia media for specifi keywords along with phrases, alerting harmful chatter about your organization.

Key Information Loss

IP and PII, if leaked or shared inappropriately can cause an enourmous criris organization-wide.

We monitor sensitive intel related to your brand,employees or even customers.