Active Listening

Active Listening has become a key part of social media management, giving birth to the ability of tracking, measuring performance and predicting the environment. Identifying emerging trends and opportunities help shape the brand’s social media strategy accordingly. Our social media specialists are experts at utilizing the very best tools for active listening, defining opportunities/threats and raising flags before an unwanted situation emerges.

Image Processing

To understand and analyse the impact of visual content on our partner’s brand across social media we use a variety of tools which interpret data stacks.

Get access to high quality results and global coverage

The proprietary crawling technology indexes more than 150 million local and international websites as well as the major social networks in 187 languages, running on 1500 servers.

Print, TV and radio monitoring

Expand media monitoring environment beyond online and social media. Access an extensive archive of major global TV, radio, print media and newswires to achieve a 360-degree view of brand’s performance and reputation on all media channels.

Get 100% of tweets with firehose access

Don’t miss any information when monitoring Twitter with our full access to the Twitter Firehose. Receive tweets in real-time.

Effectively search and filter results

Search, sort and filter results using criteria including sentiment, country, language, topic, influence, relevance, time period and media type. Group similar results together to easily spot top themes.

Save time curating results with fast tagging

Tag, highlight, delete, assign posts to clients or colleagues. Tag sentiment and importance or create custom tags to filter your results with. Manage workflows within the tool and automatically track handling of results.

Sort results by relevance or engagement

Focus on conversations that matter by sorting results according to key social metrics such as reach and engagement or social media specific metrics like retweets and Facebook shares. Results are instantly refreshed and sortable by category.

Analyze the effectiveness of your social media

Analyze your performance on Facebook and Twitter channels in-depth. Measure KPIs like followership, activity, engagement rate, reach and share of voice.